What is Mommagogy ?

Momma refers to the first name my children called me. My littlest as early as 6 months old would cry momma when he was upset and looking for nursing to comfort him. At this stage in my life momma is my most important job. Gogy is a derivative of the the word pedagogy which is the study of teaching. I spent 9 plus years in the classroom and during that time earned 2 masters degrees. My first is in teaching English as a Second Language. My second masters degree is in Early Childhood. I was constantly learning and studying to become a better teacher in my profession. I take that same approach to being a momma. I want to be the best momma possible.

Kids don’t come with manuals but that doesn’t mean that moms cannot learn a thing or two from other mommas. Therefore Mommagogy is my study of momma-hood, the good, the bad, and sometime funny life of a momma.