Countdown to Disney

Disney Vacation Countdown

It is no secret, I love Disney! Especially Disney vacations. I love watching all of those Disney reveals on Youtube where the parents wait until the day of the trip to surprise the kids. Except I cannot wait that long to tell my kids! I want to tell them the moment we book the trip! I want them to be as excited as me. The problem with this is the constant asking “When are we going?” To solve this problem I made a simple Disney countdown.

Mickey Mouse Countdown
Almost there.

This countdown uses the small circle stickers that you would use at a yard sale for labeling that you can get at the dollar store or Walmart. The stickers come in bright colors or white, but you can color them black if you want to have a solid Mickey or Minnie when you are done. The days are numbered so you can work on number recognition if you have little ones. This will take you 5 minutes to make and will save you tons of time explaining when you are going.


Counting down to disney fun
Putting the last stickers on before we head to the plane.

Click here to print the Mickey Mouse version

Click here to print the Minnie Mouse version

If you use these please share with your friends!

♥ D




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